We're on a mission to help you eat better, sustainable and delicious foods.

    Chef Crafted Meal Delivery Service

    Delivery available to Boulder County only.


    Order online and receive freshly prepared healthy meals to your home or office.

    Meals are delivered fresh not frozen.

    No cooking required. Just heat and enjoy.


    Our menu changes weekly to allow you a wide range of freshly prepared healthy and delicious meals to choose from.


    No sign up or membership. You can order when and what you want.

    Meals are available for the following diets.


    Whole 30

    Low Carb



    Gluten Free



    Ordering is required two days before delivery with a new menu available every Friday.

    Delivery days are Mondays and Wednesdays.


    Order by Friday -receive delivery on Monday.

    Order by Monday-receive delivery on Wednesday



    Interested in eating a healthy and delicious menu of low carb, gluten free, vegan or vegetarian foods to keep you on a healthy eating plan?

    We have healthy eating plans that will fuel your body with delicious and nutrient dense foods. You won't even realize that you are eating such a healthy meal plan when the food is this delicious.


    You tell us what you like and don't like and we will design a menu for you.


    We are located in Longmont Colorado and offer delivery to the Boulder County area including Boulder, Longmont, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Lyons and Hygiene.



  • Menu for Monday October 22 Dinner Delivery

    Order by

    Order by Saturday at 6pm -receive delivery on Monday.


    We now have two delivery days to choose from!

    See Menu below for Wednesday


    New Free Delivery in Boulder County!!


  • Menu for October 24

    Order by Monday at 9pm for Wednesday Delivery


    New Free Delivery in Boulder County!!

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    Connie Gordon and her staff at Live Well Eat Smart have a true gift with food.

    They are artists in the kitchen.

    The menu is creative and mixes fresh and healthy ingredients and still makes it tastes like it HAS to be terrible for you;-)


    Mark Moore CEO Mana Nutrition



    Brian Jerose

    Agrilab Technologies LLC



    I feel lucky at home that I often get to enjoy local-raised delicious food from
    ourselves and farmer neighbors in our part of Vermont. I was pleasantly
    surprised at how hard Chef Connie worked to bring in local, organic when possible and
    down-right scrumptious ingredients. I can proudly say I ate healthy and well.
    Thank you.



    Cesar Gonzalez,



    "For most of 2012, Chef Connie has prepared incredible dinners once a
    week for the community at the The Village. These dinners would range
    anywhere from 10 to 40 people, and the food always succeeded in delighting
    guests and bringing them together. Connie's cuisine is versatile, spanning
    from delicious Pad Thai, to the best pizzas ever, to mouth-watering
    Peruvian dishes. What's more, she's good at working with diet restrictions
    and special requests, and her desserts tended to elicit rounds of applause on a
    regular basis. It's our true honor to work with Connie, and she's
    brought more to our community than I think she knows."



    Pascal Finette

    Stalk me –personal site: finette.com

    blog: theheretic.me

    "Chef Connie's food and care make you realize that love truly goes through the


    Archie Japaridze


    Chef Connie's cooking made me realize how good healthy food could taste. Our company
    hired her to cook three meals a day for a six week business boot camp. She
    cooked delicious meals for over 30 people every day, making sure to take the
    various dietary preferences and restrictions in mind. Connie was especially
    conscious of our international participants and made sure to cook dishes from
    each of their countries. Not only was the food incredibly tasty, but it was all
    very healthy as well; all of our participants in the business camp looked
    forward to eating every day!

    In addition to the daily meals, Connie
    cooked for several of our large events with 100+ people. The food was delicious
    as always and her cooking was a big hit. I would highly recommend Connie for any
    cooking events, you'll be glad you chose her!






    Let's talk.



    303 619-3197







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